Friday, June 3, 2011

Psycho thoughts during an easy mid day run..

So this was yesterday post 200's and 300's. Very hot and very humid. After this I swam outdoors for 45 minutes:

Today was my easy 8 miler. Sounds good enough, right? No, it's never so easy. I'm insane in the membrane! Whacked, crazy! It's the week before a race...normal is not an option. Here's how my splits went down emotionally. Remember I kinda wanted 7:30 pace Also it's noon and 85 degrees. Elevation 400 feet:

mile 1: 7:31 : beautiful. I deserve an easy run. I'm gonna look around today and enjoy the run.

Mile 2: 7:34: ok, I guess it's 7:30's today. I can deal. Shit, my ipod just died from sweat again.

Mile 3: 7:29. ok, enough of this bullshit. I'm not going anywhere this is gonna take all day! Geezus LaBella don't let your legs feel this pace. My breathing is noisy without music. Gross.

Mile 4: 7:18: This feels less painful. I'll chill here for the hills. I'm hot though. Someone turn their irrigation on!

Mile 5: 7:18 ha, sweet pacing. I'm melting though.----> thinking fondly of my Boogie friends. toughen up LaBella!

Mile 6: 7:13  shit, decision time. slow down or forget the 7:30's. by now it's almost 86 degrees and full sun at noon. I'm getting loopy.

Mile 7: 7:09 It's so hot I would puke but I have no liquids in my body. Noon was a bad idea. But if I make this a 10 miler I can get it to about 6:59 pace avg. hmmm..eric will kill me...forget it..

Mile 8: 6:45 I probably have 7 minutes of life left so I need to hustle to my car before I die on the sidewalk. (I keep chilled g2 in my car.) I could feel my shoulders burning.

All and all a fine run. But geeesh, so emotional! It's a combo of the heat and fact taper is coming next week. nooooo!!!

Later Taters!


  1. my mantra while running in the afternoon heat is "it's hot, this sucks, it's hot , this sucks, it's hot, this sucks" But hey, we get out there and do wahat we have to do right?

  2. guys are funny! New shoes rock. It was so hot that the tread was sticking to the pavement and ripping off with each step. For a little bit I thought someone was behind me. Gotta love new shoes on probably 100+ asphalt. lol!