Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Track

I really think there is nothing more grueling than doing track alone on an asphalt track.Today at 8am it was 60 degrees, 91% humidity, wind on the 200-300, 2 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down.

400 with 200 jog recovery: 1:20
600 with 400 jog recovery: 2:05
400 with 200 jog recovery: 1:22
600 with 400 jog recovery: 2:07
400 with 400 jog recovery: 1:23
600 with 400 jog recovery: 2:07
800 with 400 jog recovery:2:59
400 with this recovery: 1:21
I took this 10 seconds after my last 400. There were a few walkers on the track I'm sure this solidified to them that I had indeed lost my mind. lol!


  1. Nice workout! I should try this one for my intervals this week, I don't have any set distances, just know I have to get in a speed workout lol. I usually decide on my workout the day of :)

  2. yup Buffaloe track.

    Thanks Katie! Nothing beats a 400. At any point you're "almost there" lol I hate 800's. too long. And this 600 distance is new to me. I'm not sure what I think about it yet..

  3. and ps those split times are W/O the recovery..LOL