Sunday, May 15, 2011

Snakes are out!

Buenos! Happy Sunday!

Today was my long run. 15 miles with a goal pace of 7:15-7:20 pace. I did it at 7:16 pace. 831 feet of elevation. That included Dynasty Drive TWICE! And total sickening 100% humidity. I had company for about 8 with Dan. It was like 65 degrees. After 3 miles I was dripping in sweat. Nastiness. I am so glad it's over! I got a new camera and I'm going to try to keep pics in my blog. I love seeing your pics so I'll try to do the same! But when I am alone it's kinda hard to get anything good:
ha-ha. I was trying to show the mud on my legs. Clearly home girl passing by didn't care! I wasn't going to wreck a perfectly good self timer...

something about mud up your back feels so badass but looks disgusting. Sorry

So I was approaching mile 14.95 at this bridge:

At the sign on the right this little bad ass mutha had to scare the shit out of me:

I almost puked..I am deathly afraid of snakes.But dude, is he dead? lol

So now I end my 15 on the other side of the bridge and am scared shit to cross back by the snake. I waved at a few cars hoping they would escort me by but people thought I was waving and just waved back. lol..So I tip toed up to it and then gunned it..pure nastiness!

This wraps up 52 miles for the week. 2 pool days, no bike...holla!

Later Taters!


  1. Green snakes are fun to play with. They won't try to bite you. But don;t try with the black snakes. They aren't poisonpus but will bite the crap out of you anyway and they have nasty germs.

  2. I do a lot of running on the mountain and I'm surprised that I don't see more snakes... I did see one last summer, and before that about 15 years ago when I almost stood on one!!!

    Now in that 1st picture I though you were showing off your great body...

  3. lol... I am afraid of snakes and dogs... shelly lake in the summer is interesting!