Thursday, May 26, 2011

New TYR swimsuit and squirrely quad

Happy Thursday! Any day I get new fitness swag it's a happy day. I've been cranking out miles in the pool in my beach bikini. I do it for a few reasons:

1. it's cheaper than a Speedo or Tyr.
2. works fine for me
3. To give the real swimmers something to laugh at. Really, I see the haha's from across the pool. But let me get in the water bitches! Time to prove that the chick in the bikini can kick ass in the pool! My favorite part!

So for my swim friends this Tyr rocks. It's very conservative borderline grannyish. I wasn't sure at first:

Then I swam in it. It's super thick and sturdy. I'm pleased. It's also reversible to all red or all black. I feel very uh, professional.

okay, next item of discussion: My squirrely left quad. It got me doing a double Does anyone have this? I don't know how I got it. It can stay under the condition that it hauls my ass over the 10k finish line sub 40 in 3 weeks ha!
and yes the plant has since died. Love the watering can on the floor. ha!
ok, enough self absorption for the morning...over and out!


1 comment:

  1. All i can say is it looks cold, maybe that is because it is winter in these parts and not the warm... I know I came to work by Motobike...

    If looks are anything to go by you totally look fast enough to wax that 10km...