Monday, May 16, 2011

Funny pictures..

I was just commenting on Benny's blog about photos and how all bloggers and followers love a good pic. So in an effort to keep pics my blog I pulled theses ones. Clearly, I'm bored..well actually laying on the couch feels good on my tired legs!

my friend Chaz had just done 50 miles out of 100 mile ultra. He was focusing. I wasn't ; )
I look like a bug. I like it!
First day of surf camp last summer. skeeeerd!
inspired by Crissy from Three's Company. Makes me laugh and shake my head!
newest addition to my reef tank: a lettuce nudibranch.
Me and my mom at a KISS concert!


  1. love your surf pic! that looks sick!

  2. Lady with a body like that you can post pictures any day. (It also helps that you have a sense of humor)

  3. hahaha Benny on the surf pic. It took me half a day to get the kohonas to stand up. I'm much better now, I think. lol

    thanks coach dion!

  4. Gahh your abs make me jealous. . . and motivated :D

    It took me forever to stand up on my surfboard. I used to just catch a wave and ride it on my stomach lol and eventually I got onto my knees and then yaayy standing!