Friday, May 13, 2011

LaBella lays it out on Greenway..ughh

When I think of falling while running I think of single track. Rocky, rooty etc. Not flat greenway. But in retrospect the conditions were perfect for fall:
*70 degrees
*95 % humidity
* misting rain. 
*wet bridges
*Friday the 13th!

The greenway I ran on has long segments of wooden bridges. (Behind the Ale House on Wake Forest) Almost a mile at one point. They were soaked and mossy. Still, it didn't ring a bell as a possible danger...I had a job to do and it was tempo pace..
but think this

lots of bridges like this

I had 7 miles lined up at 6:42 pace. I did them at exactly 6:42 avg pace. My splits were:
6:57 Fall

The first few miles were fine. I was able to cross the one main intersection without stopping for traffic but got stuck on the way back. After waiting for traffic I probably had adrenaline pouring out my eyeballs. I hate waiting. This stop was maybe .15 before my fall. I gunned it all pissed off. There is this segment of bridge that goes down maybe 10-15 feet with at least four 90 degree turns in maybe 20 feet. I wanted to bank a few seconds so I ran fast and then BAM, laid it out on the 2nd turn!
At this point I knew I was goin down. This is really how it went down!
I tried to grab the side of the bridge, fail...
Not a bad landing. I caught myself. yay!

So I sprung right back up!  Hell no, I wasn't going down like that! There wasn't any blood. Then I ran about half a mile, still on bridges. I noticed I was being tentative. I was kinda freaked out. I stopped and pouted. Then I realized I can't be seen pouting on a tempo run! I'm still Honey Badger! Unacceptable! So I start running again but it wasn't a good run. I was pissed. I couldn't get my stride back. I gimped through mile 5 then felt a little better once the bridges were gone.

I finished. I did it. Then did a 1 mile cool down. 8 total. Wooohooo!!

The weekend forecast is thunderstorms and rain..Hopefully my 15 miler will be less eventful..errrr

later taters!

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  1. love the greens behind ya! dang I wish it was green over here! lol! Good Tempo!