Friday, May 6, 2011

Slacking kinda...

Hey there lovers and bitches!

I realize I have been slacking on my blog. I keep meaning to get some updates out there or at least something good to laugh at. However, ever since my 3-day knee injury I've been playing catch up with my running, swim and the occasional bike.

I took 3 days off last week to rest my cranky knee which of course means I have 4 days left to fit a weeks mileage in. Of course! But that exhausted me, made me cranky and then I still had swimming to do. UGH.

I think I'm almost back on track. Here's what I've been up to:

Monday: 9 miler at 7:32 pace immediately followed by 17 on the bike.
Tues: 5 miler easy 7:50 pace (monday was supposed to be easy but too fast)
Wed: swim 45 minutes
Thurs: 8 miles. middle 4 miles were mile repeats. not on track...6:13, 6:35, 6:15, 6:25. With a 2 minute recovery. It was kinda hilly and the trail was windy so I had weird splits.
Friday/today: easy 8.
Sat: tempo
Sun: long

I promise an entertaining update very soon!!

Happy Running!

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  1. Better than our tempo run yesterday... we had two complete stops... the second of which was a result of the bridge at Shelly Lake being closed... the first of which was because I collided with a little kid (every time I moved out of his way, he moved in the same direction... by the time I realized that this was not going to stop, neither could I... I felt awful).