Sunday, May 8, 2011

EASY isn't so easy....

Ok, you guys know by now most of my weekly runs are about :6:55-7:08 pace. Anywhere, anytime...that's what I do. I enjoy it. I like that pace. I don't get tired. It's fun. However, my race times are not much better lately. That is a problem. I have been doing exactly what my coach has always told me NOT to do: "Laura, you are training, not running for fun." Clearly, I'm having too much fun.

Okay, I get it...I need to focus. So the last 10 days or so I have been doing my stupid-ass, ego killing, jogger-ish, slow poke feeling...EASY runs. At first I would do "a" slow mile and then speed up because I just couldn't take it anymore. Then I tried a little harder and now I have seemed to adapt to this 7:45 pace.

This week I ran 46 miles. 2 days of faster stuff. One bike day and one swim. The transition from all 7 pace to half and half (slow/fast) was kind of tiring but it should be ok by this week.

Today I ran easy in the rain. It was fun. I was going down this long down hill and the water was kicking up my back. I wanted to fly! But nope, I continued my stupid "stomp" like running...Because this will supposedly help me in the long run...pun kinda intended ; )

I found this video clip this morning. It must be from last weekend. Kinda funny. It's my post long run, pass-out style nap with compression socks on! LOL! I think my mom took this! Maaa!!


  1. So right so right, if you want your times to get faster, you need to do a bit of training, I'm behind you all the way. and can't wait to read about the PR's that are going to come!!!

  2. thanks coach dion. I'm really going to try this time!!

    Benny, when I first saw that I was like WTH??! I'm glad no one played any jokes! I found out it was my mom who was trying to take a picture but couldn't get the camera off "video" HAAAAA