Thursday, April 28, 2011

Phew, almost injured...

I wish I was more of a balanced runner. I tend to only feel as good as my last few runs. If I do 2 recovery runs in a row I feel like I have lost "it" and I'm destine to be jogger. Nothing wrong with joggers. Don't get all up in my comments sections with that. Just sayin, for me.

Good knee. Yay!
This Sunday I did a 15 miler at 7:08 pace. No big deal but it left my knee feeling jacked. I'm a worrier. It definitely hurt. I have no idea what I did. I went to my ortho on monday. X rays negative.

 They said don't worry. you'll be fine. Chill for few days and ice. GULP. That was horrible death sentance. And immediately prompted a text to my running friend:

Me: hey, something is wrong with my knee. I keep starring at it. I think one is bigger than the other. Don't say anything. I don't know what is up and don't want the fuss. I think I'm going to start posting old garmin data. People know when I don't run. lol

Friend: lol.pseudo blog. that's awesome!

Me: lololol!

Friend: "wow Laura these are the same splits you ran a few weeks ago"

Me: hahahaha or I can stand at the bridge at Shelly Lake and beg someone to do a few laps with my garmin. C'mon take it please! and run fast!

Friend: hahaha Do it! Find some crazy fast ghost runner.

Me: lolol. Joey will be the first to notice I didn't run today. Watch...

Friend: Unless I rat you out. lol

Me: No subtle jokes on my wall! Like, "hey laura, was that you leaving the north raleigh health plex? You didn't wave??"

Friend: Too funny. This better heal soon.

Me: I'm taking recovery tonight and hoping I wake up fresh and not soaked from a bag of ice.

It goes on and on and had me rolling in tears. Too funny.  I took 3 full days off from running. I feel much better. I'm not sure why that happened. I thought maybe I hit a rock or root a little off. Not sure. Oh well.

I did 6 miles this morning and felt better. I wasn't exactly fresh. I was killing it in the pool doing an hour of freestyle a day. Going from swim to run is tough. My legs must me thinking, "what are you doing to us now?! Poor things.

After my 6 miler I went back with my blackberry and got some pretty pics. It was 80, humid and dark out at 8am. Right before a storm:

I never see this as pretty when I run through here. I'm usually mf'ing the herky jerky bridge.

I think the moral of my knee story is to slow down once in a while. I have to stop running the same pace every run. And then hopping on the bike and into a pool, before lunch...well maybe do that just once a week..; )

later taters!


  1. Take care of that knee. considering the way you have upped the mileage lately and still pushing the pace it's amazing you haven't had any injury issues. Also, although they say biking is suppose to be less stress, when you are knew to it it can cause knee problems, especially if you are pushing a bigger gear. That could be as much of the cause of knee pain as the running. Did you have the bike fit set up for you by a fitting pro?

  2. Right on Joey! I didn't go back to get my bike "really adjusted" for almost half a year after I got it (was hard for me to get there on a weekday, and they were busy on the weekends, and I am impatient). When I did, the guy told me that my seat was at least an inch too low and my feet weren't straight in the pedals (which caused my knee to be turned out). Hope your knee is doing better!

  3. ahhh, good looking out guys. I was "fitted" for the bike. hmmmm. I've never had a knee issue ever so it was a surprise. I hope it stays away! Thanks for the input!

  4. well I'll say it again speed and mileage don't mix I'll say it again you are training too fast ... You gotta let your body recover... Hope you. get better :)

  5. laura, one thing you might want to consider is doing your recovery runs slower. i know you said you get a bit antsy when you run slow, but the reality (for most people) is that if you back off and truly run easy on your easy days, you can push harder and gain more fitness on your hard days. that certainly tends to be the case for me and my training partners. most of our easy runs--which, in a typical week, comprises 4-5 days--range between 7:30 and 8:00 pace. Some might even be slower. To be honest, when I run some of my usual loops where I already know the mileage, I don't even take a watch with me so I won't feel (self-imposed) pressure to run faster.

    i know everyone is different, but this is just an observation based on reading your blog. for what it's worth, though i'm certainly not world-class, i have run decent times with this philosophy. 16:35, 34:35 and recently qualified for the Trials in the marathon.

    best of luck with your training.

  6. On my run last wednesday I bumped into a friend and ran with her a bit (OK my 20km run turned into a 30km run) and we chatted about her training, well her problem is she trains to hard... so she is tied and not running session as well as she should be... So take those easy jogs.

  7. Sounds a lot like my knee issue, I backed off a little and it seems to be a thing of the past :D Everyone above me gave much better advice then I could :)