Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hammer Time!

Happy Wednesday!

Some days I feel the need to just HAMMER it out. Today was one of those days. It makes me feel better. Especially after seeing all the awesome performances in Boston. You guys rock. I love reading your race reports. I read your splits and get all warm and fuzzy. I have to give a shout out to my friend Benny from Texas.  I kinda really really urged him to do a race report about his kickass performance (2:28) in Boston and he hooked it up. Thanks Benny!

So early this morning I did a 6 miler.  Instead of looking for flat I tried to find hilly stuff. It's a necessary evil type of workout. As usual, I let my legs decide the pace. The first two miles came in low 7. In my mind that means "Laura, you have 4 miles to get the avg split sub 7."  There is something irritating about a 7:0X pace to me. It's like f'ing BRING IT already. Or slow the hell down. So, you guessed it: 6:59 avg pace. It was very hilly so I'm happy.

So I finished that run and had made plans to go for a bike ride. I felt okay so I changed into my cycle clothes and washed the salt off my face from sweating my ass off on the hills and headed out for my 3rd and longest bike ride ever: 22 miles! More hills and wind that tried to land me on my ass but being the beefy 100lbs I am I stayed strong. It was probably 80 degrees by then. It took 90 minutes to complete the ride.

Oh yeah baby, almost on the white line! That is actually hard for me.

it was a very scenic ride. Rolesville, NC

So after my first run/bike workout I am pretty sure I will never train for a TRI simply because of this:
too much shit!!!

But a great morning! Tomorrow I'm either taking off or swimming. Probably swimming...

Later taters!


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  2. no problem laura! Hope you forget the bike soon lol :P I kid i kid .. hehe

  3. lol. I know, ditch the bike! I swear, it's just for fun! No training, I I head out the door at the ass crack of dawn for a shitload of 200's ; ) ughhhhh!