Thursday, April 14, 2011

My first bike ride

Today rocked! I was able to run 7 miles in a new location and saw some pretty sights AND I got to go on my first bike ride (in like 20 years!)

Initially the run pissed me off because I was lost, it had single track and very deep mud. I needed 7 miles so there was no turning back. I ran with my blackberry in the event I needed some trail assistance. To the credit of my friend Joey, he saw my mobile upload on FB and knew exactly where I was!
I'm a road runner. This scared me!

This trail isn't quite done yet but I ran through it anyways.

Ahhhhh beautiful flat asphalt!

The reason why my splits were so wacky!

So I got the run done. 7 miles at 7:08 pace. However, I did stop for pics. When I ran I ran well but had to tip toe a lot. Kinda frustrating. Here's the garmin.

So I went home and took a shower and did some errands. Then I met some cycle friends for a "bike ride." To me, a bike ride is kinda like this. Just sit on it and go:

However, I tend to have intense, hardcore, passionate, competitive friends. So it wasn't exactly hopping on a bike. In fact, there is a way to do that, and it's a lesson in itself. In preparation for my bike ride I had to:

*get fitted on the bike
*wear special clothes
*special bike shoes

That's all cool but hello, I haven't been on a bike in years! Now I have to get on this bike that weighs less than my garmin and balance on pancake thin tires AND lock my shoes into the said bike! SHIT! I have to say clicking in and out was stressing me out the most but I found it pretty easy. After a few miles at some embarrassingly slow speed I got the hang of it. But going "fast" seems so problematic. What is a car pulls out? Or if I forget to unclick and tip over at a stop sign? What if, what if?

Well, nothing crazy happened. YAY! I did about 13 miles. It was fun, kinda effortless but it was pointed out that I coasted too much and was going 10 mph. okay, okay! It was fun and I can't wait to do it again! BUT this does NOT mean:

I'm going to do a Tri!

I am a runner/swimmer that got on a bike and had fun. hehe Here are some pics. :

Intense concentration
Nothing funny here! This took work!

I was going to wear a T-shirt but was told that's tantamount to wearing a fuel belt during a 5k. hehe

Cheer for now. Tomorrow I have to pick my sports wisely. I can't do it all...yet ; )


  1. Aha, that first picture is my favorite running surface!

  2. I fell several times at stop signs forgetting to unclip when I first started biking

  3. Give me the trail anyday, I love to take those little paths that lead off the road... (I have trail shoes!)

    Great bike and you look like a natural on it. (sexy!!!)

  4. Joey, it's gonna happen. I know I forget to unclick at some point. LOL!

    Awe thanks Coach dion. That trail "looked" awesome but it got so rocky and rooty that I couldn't really run my usual pace. I guess I have to either improve or expect to slow down some. Still very pretty!