Sunday, April 24, 2011

Say hello to my little friend...

Ya, this bad ass little fucker!

Let me say I HATE hydrating and eating shit while I run. I'm not coordinated, I make a mess and it's something else I have to carry aside from the world's largest car key. Ugh.

But I had 15 miles on deck for today. Goal pace was 7:10-7:15. It was 70 degrees at 6am and 95% humidity. I knew it was going to be bad so I dusted off this thingy and filled the pocket with sport beans. I have to say it made my run. Towards the end of my run it was almost 80, full sun and very humid. But got 'er done at 7:08 pace. YAY!

Here's the garmin  It took me at least 5 miles to warm up. My upper quads were shit from the 200's earlier in the week. Then I had a few sub 7 and thought, hmmm should I bury the whole run sub 7? I thought that would be fun but then I had thoughts of Eric (dude repeatedly mentioned in this blog and reason I ran 15 miles) saying WTF did you do that for? I told you 7:10/:15. That and I had to stop to drink which killed me. I hate stopping but I couldn't drink right without standing still. I'll have to hone those skills in a bit!

So 15 done very early. And then I did what every mother of 3 does post run on Easter morning:

ice, read a running book and even out the awful running clothes tan lines!
Good run.  And only 5 swears needed to get the point across! Holla!

Later Tates...


  1. I like it, what? lying in the sun, but I think our days are over as winter has come to Cape Town.

  2. We used to make Sean, Dan, and Dave carry water... then they caught on to our plan

  3. You should try listening to an audiobook when tanning - great when running, too! As you're a mom, I think you'd love this: