Friday, April 8, 2011

Duke Invitational

No, not me you silly ganstas! A friend of a friend, of course! That how my Friday started. I met a new way cool, wicked fast running friend in or "somewhere near" Duke forest (hehe). We did 6 miles at 7:14 pace. Which is cool however, I don't think I've ever seen hills like this before. They were more like the Pitons in St. Lucia:
oh look, me drafting Eric over on the left side!
I have a 10 mile race tomorrow so I was torn betw chasing down my new friend and listening to reason and keeping it near 7:30 pace. I think I did pretty well. Here's the Garmin.  So after the run we went over to Duke. Eric is a Div 2 cross county and track coach at West Liberty in Ohio. He had to register one of his athlete's for the 10,000m that night. Duke is gorgeous and their track rocks!
Duke Track

If I tank tomorrow's race this is why!

Craziness! More power to anyone who can do this!

Then we headed over to Chapel Hill to pick up my race packet. Coasting on the fumes of an empty gas tank and show casing all my great illegal U-turns. Always a great way to make new friends! Thankfully I gave him a G2 so hopefully he won't unfriend me!

Awesome day! And an even better tomorrow when Eric runs the Pinecone Pacer! I mean c'mon, you can't come to NC the day of the Pinecone Pacer 5k and not run it!! I kinda forced him to race in his trainers and jogging clothes....ha! You got it Eric! I ran the damn Pitons for you!



  1. Brings back a lot of memories. I've done a few workouts on that track many years ago. There used to be several races that ran through the Duke Campus and I loved the routes. I used to train on them a lot in the 80's. There was a 10k, 15k and half marathon. Also have run about every inch of trail in Duke Forest but couch Mountain is the best.

  2. have a great race!!! Can't wait to read about it. :)

  3. have a great run, I ran my race today, 2km on a treadmill, you race sounds like a lot more fun...

  4. I probably would have traded you coach dion! Hills are NOT my friends! Race report coming. lol