Friday, April 15, 2011

Back in the saddle!

Ok, in general I'm kinda OCD with sports. I love running and I do it a lot. Same with swimming. Even speed bag and ab ripper have my attention. I like to try my best and learn all I can to become quasi successful. So that attitude got me back on the bike for day 2.

The good:
*I went err faster (not saying and hoping you don't click)
*farther 15 miles
*experienced a strong head wind and didn't fall
* with a little help avoided a dog chase

The bad:
*I wobble like a mutha after two jack and cokes                       
*I can't grab my squirt bottle unless at a complete stop
*I HAVE TO unclick going over a speed bump
*U-turns, no way jose

Okay, I'm not Lance after 2 days. I can deal. I'm cool with that. It's a lot of fun and a break from the usual. Not to bash the sport but it's got nothin' on running. There's no coasting on the down hill or stretching your legs out on a run....easy peasy!! So far...

Here are some more pics from today:

 Tomorrow I a very early run, 6:30 start. Probably only 10 miles because I have stuff to do later in the morning.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love weekends, it gives us so much time to run cycle and swim...

  2. When I first started riding, I have to coast to a stop sign, hang on to it, then unclip. It took a few days to get it figured out.

    Have you checked the tension on the pedal to see if it's on the loosest setting? That makes a big difference for me.