Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Laura's Ass Kicking Hill Workout!

Most of my facebook friends are sick of hearing about me and my run up the damn hill but for those of you who follow the blog I thought I'd do a blog post about it.

I'm not a good hill runner, AT ALL! I feel weak and look like crap running up a hill. I hate it but that's probably because I suck. So I am going to start hill workouts weekly if not every other week. I chose a hill in Umstead Park called cemetery hill. I always thought it was named that because you want to die while running up it. But apparently there is a cemetery adjacent to it.

This is cemetery hill. 
It's worse than it looks!

These pics are from My friend Jim who took them during a 100 endurance race.In Raleigh we like our hills and our mileage!

So I took the advice of my new friend Eric and ran 10 repeats. I "tried" to run fast up it and shake it out on the way down. The distance was .17 of a mile each way. And 73 feet of elevation.  Here is the garmin. I had timing issues initially but you can see I figured out the lap feature after that. I have to say with each trip up the hill it got easier. There may be something to this hill training after all.

Every time I got to the top of the hill I made a tally mark with a stone in the dirt. It was kinda like lap swimming you have good intentions of remembering but it never pans out.

To get to this hill there is a 3 mile very hilly section of bridal path. So it turned out to be about a 9 mile run. It was raining, muddy and 50 degrees. I wore a baseball hat to shield me from the downpour. However, running up a hill with a baseball hat blocks all your vision. I knew with my luck I'd run into a cyclist, maintenance vehicle, horse or another runner. So I turned it around. Got soaked.

OMG, this post SUCKS!! There isn't a funny, interesting way to write about hill running! So, let's look at my hair!! Here's a good hair day pic. Blog saved, phewwwww!! haha..actually, this picture doesn't look so good blown hair looks snarly actually!

Thanks for listening!


  1. No we don't want a good hair day, we wanted to see what you looked like after the hiils in the rain...

    Hills are great and don't worry they are always hard, but remember this: The more you train them the more asses you will kick when you run them in a race...

  2. haha. Coach Dion your hill workout on Monday was very badass!! I love the graph! Wow. That must have felt like lunging near the top. So I guess hill workouts do work! Thanks ; )