Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ZENSAH Compression Sock GIVE-AWAY!!!

YES! My friends over at Zensah have offered to giveaway 1 pair of compression socks to a lucky winner drawn at random!! That's a $49.99 Value!

There are several other deliciously comfortable colors to choose from in both male and female sizes...

You know by now I am in love with everything from Zensah! I can't say enough about the quality of their compression gear. I am not easily sold and I have to say this is the best running product out there, in my opinion. 

If you took me deep into the hills of Umstead State Park (my favorite running area) and said, "Laura you can have either your Garmin or your Zensah's to get out of here. Which do you want?" I can honestly say I would choose the compression gear. It's like having new legs with every step! 

So tell that Lactic Acid who's boss and do the following:

1. Become a follower on this blog.

2. "like" Zenzah on FaceBook try this link or look it up.

3. Comment on this blog entry and let me know you want a pair of these kick-ass compression socks! 

That's it. This Sunday I will pick a number from a hat old school style and see which comment wins. Please only comment once because I'll surely want to get my butt off the couch and get some miles in!

 And if that wasn't cool enough my local Sponsor Raleigh Running Outfitters has offered to ship you out a pair of sleeves or socks immediately with FREE SHIPPING with every purchase!  All you have to do is call over and talk to Jim or any of the staff and tell them Laura Frey sent you. 919-870-8998

Well good luck my friends!! XOXO


  1. Of course I follow :D
    Liked Zensah on FB!!
    I want Zensah compression socks so bad!! Unfortunately I just dropped all my cash on summer sandals so hopefully I win!!! Otherwise I WILL be getting some as soon as I have the extra cash :)

  2. Oh hells yeahs! I've been looking at getting some of these bad boys ever since you posted about them! I liked them on facebook so I hope you pick me!

  3. Zensah Zensah Zensah... wahooo!

  4. Me! Pick me! :-) I don't think I can pull off the orange ones but some nice black ones would be great!

  5. YES PLEASE! i have been eying those awesome neon ones...
    also Laura: I absolutely love that you would choose your socks over the Garmin..i mean that's huge!

  6. Love the idea of kick-ass compression socks, I so need to 'Kick Ass' this year.

  7. Hey Girl! would love to have the sox. Don't own any yet and would love to test out a pair :D

  8. Hey! I already Follow you, but I will say that I want a pair of those bad boys, too!! Old legs need all the help they can get. :-))

  9. Hey, I'd love a pair of kick ass compression socks!

  10. I already follow you. You have an awesome blog! Love your orange ones. Ok, enough ass-kissing, unless it will win me some sweeeet socks!

  11. Would LOVE a pair of compression socks - yet to try them and the colours Zensah have are awesome!

  12. I "want a pair of these kick-ass compression socks!" - check
    "Liked" Zensah on Facebook - check
    Follow your blog (already do) - check
    Willing to bribe you with a free massage in order to infuence the 'random' selection of a winner - check

  13. I want them because I lovveeee Zensah socks.