Thursday, April 7, 2011

Laura's abs on the down lo...

Happy Thursday Peeps!

Last week was crazy with high mileage and a few swims. So I kinda skipped out on abs because I was just too tired to do them. This week I started back up. I noticed I don't feel as strong when I run when I don't do abs. These little bitches are gonna make me work! Here's the same ol shit I always post but that being said it shows I need to change something. Hmmmm...

I can't format!!!!!!!

Well, that's about it on the ab front....Someone gave me a new ab workout called Ab Intensity. I'll try that one...


  1. Totally! If I skip abs and back version of abs exercises I totally loose my form when running. I tried the ab workout you posted and I didn't really dig it. They were more conditioning and not really beefing up. I use weights with abs, more weight, less reps, and have gotten good visual results in terms of definition.

  2. With me it is alway next week I will get round to doing a couple of Ab workouts... I want a six pack. (maybe one day)