Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's time to pick my race outfit

What else can a bored runner do during taper? I know! Try on outfits! I REALLY want to wear what I train in. I wear this all the time. In fact I just did tempo before taking this. Let's keep this a zoom-free post please. Thanks.

It works. BUT this is a race and I'm an exhale aways from looking 5 months pregnant at any given moment. LOL!
LaBella coming through!

Seriously, it's my first marathon. I want that glorious race photo!  I want to smile across the finish line. But I may be better off in a baggy singlet. Which is probably what I'll end up wearing but it will be a race day decision.

I know for sure I'm wearing my 2XU compression racing socks and my Brooks Pureflow. Other than that  I'll probably hang out at Raleigh Running Outfitters searching for the color of speed during the next week.

I can always HDR myself to add some tone. LOL

Hi-ho. Tomorrow I'll wear my new Nike yellow sports bra. I like it but please note shoe color. Aye. 

Thanks for sticking with me during this difficult time. ; )



  1. Do you have a new green singlet?

    1. Yup. Just got it last night. I'll prob'ly end up in black. Always safe. Lol.

  2. You sooo need cuter colored racing socks! Love the bootie shorts!

    1. Thanks. Ya, pale pink isnt so badass. Ugh.

    2. Just write Bye Bye on them :-)

  3. What can i say, don't we all hate to taper... but one day when you are old and slow like me (70+ marathon or longer races to your name) you won't taper, you will just take a couple of days easy... or you might be saying oh good I can rest!

    resting/tapering is good for you it helps keep the niggles and injurys at bay...

    So bottle up that energy you are going to need it after 20 miles!