Saturday, October 4, 2014

Baby wants back!

Hey guys!!

I'm super happy to report that I did my 3rd run post fibula fracture today. I'm on a 2 days on/1day off schedule. My calves were a little tight but at least it was bilateral. I ran for 40 minutes at 7:15 avg pace.
I still don't have a feel for where I am fitness wise. I kinda feel the same. But my legs are much stronger so it almost feels like my center of gravity is different. It's hard to explain. But whatever! I'm running!

I told you guys a few posts ago that I started the Bret Contreras glute program from his book.
I've been doing glute bridges and now hip thrusts for about 5-6 weeks. But I just started his 12 week program. I had been stacking plates on my pelvis for the bridges but it was getting uncomfortable.  I transitioned to the bar for hip thrusts and am doing 60lbs. It's heavy for me, but doable.

I do a lot of glute exercises and I'd say that the hip thrust with weight is the best way to get glute activation. I'm also addicted to back extensions holding a 10lb plate.
stuff like this…

Having done 3 good runs after having done 1000's of glute exercises I BEG YOU RUNNERS to work your bum! We all know there is power there. This is a set of 10. It took 40 seconds. I implore you to find time for this 3 days a week. You will feel the difference. You could do these on your couch. C'mon, bums up!!
I know the bench is a few inches too high. It's PF…also turn on audio. lol

*kettle bell swings
*heel ups. (hands and knees and kick up)
*bent over rows with weight
*hip extension machine

Remember you HAVE TO squeeze your butt or you are doing nothing but possibly a knee exercise. I know there is a ton of much better info on youtube but this is where I'm at. I'm curious to see how I feel after the 12 week program. 

Thanks for reading!