Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yak Tracks and training at altitude

So what does a wanna be bad ass runner do for fun? Clearly, a run/ski brick. HA. 

I love Vail, CO and every year I think I'm in better shape to handle the elevation and packed powder conditions.  Well, once again I was humbled. I thought I had an advantage because I had Yak Tracks this year.
I have to say these things rock!! I ran my heart out in powder, packed powder, bumpy ice and slush and never slipped once. And I never felt them like I thought I would. Except on bare pavement. I tried to stay on the snow but on the few times I ran on the pavement there was a go-go gadget feeling. Kinda springy and fun. I can't wait to take these out in Umstead. 

So the run itself was 6 miles at 8:06 pace. Granted I stopped a lot for pictures but pictures or not there was no way I could crank out a 7:30 at 8100 feet. See the elevation chart:

Sunrise was at 7:15. Per my garmin I started at 7:16. lol. It was sickening. I could not breathe. It felt like a food lion bag on my head tied tight. My breathing was very close to V02 max. Huffy puffy. The snow was difficult and the hills were rolling. It was just gorgeous though:

I never saw any other runners. I get why now. It was about 10 degrees. I thought for sure I had windburn and that my face was bleeding. But I was so distracted by the scenery I really didn't care. If I was in Raleigh I would have been pissed!

So I finished shortly after 8am local time. The ski lifts open at 9. I didn't even change my stank ass clothes. I put on my ski gear over them and was immediately on the gondola. I spent 2.5 hours going up and down the mountain.

Then I realized I didn't eat or drink all day. Ugh. Lunchtime!:

 Best day ever! Tonight I will be working on my brownie sundae/hot tub brick. haaaa



  1. Hahaaa!! This post is so awesome! I especially like the brownie sundae/hot tub brick, it's about time you cut loose. Glad the YakTrax work so good, but I definitely CAN wait to try mine out. :)

  2. brownie sundae / hot tub brick... now you're talking!

  3. "once again I was humbled"
    "there was no way I could crank out a 7:30"
    "My breathing was very close to V02 max. Huffy puffy."
    - Now you know what it feels like for me, when I try to keep pace with you!! LOL. But the one comment that sums up why I love running with you:
    "just gorgeous" ;-)
    Enjoy your vacay - what am I saying? How could you possibly not? See you in a week.