Saturday, January 22, 2011

My office in the dirt is finally back!

Between my last Half Marathon, taper and then the ice storm I haven't been able to run in Umstead for a few weeks. I love that place and missed it dearly.

For my non Raleighite friends:

I did my usual 10 miler. I had planned on doing a max of 7:20 pace to save my legs for tomorrow's 15 miler but guess what? I went faster than planned. HA. 7:03 pace. It sounds like no biggie but please see the elevation chart on my garmin if you're not familiar. It's sort of a bad ass pace.

One of my next runs out there will pimp out an avg pace of sub 7. Promise that! 

Normally, I take Sunday off or some other day during the week. However, this week has been kinda busy. I've had 2 swim days and 45 miles in my Nike Free's. Which creates a problem when your running clothes are hang dry only:

  This is my uniform for 18-25 degree weather. It never fails and is perfect for these conditions. And yo, New England peeps. No raggin' on my gas logs! They're wicked cool down here. hehe...

Well, I feel great and am stoked for tomorrow. Bring it baby and show me what ya got!


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