Friday, January 21, 2011

The only thing that can make Shelly Lake tolerable for 8 miles is a new shirt!!

I am probably the snobbiest runner in terms of surface and location. I like it dirty, hilly and out and back. None of this round and round bullshit like I keep getting sucked into at Shelly Lake. It's fine if you're jogging. However, ya'll know homey don't play dat. I like to run not jog. So the end effect is a spun out feeling like a washing machine on spin cycle.

Well, my 8 miles on spin cycle are done. 


mile 1: 7:36
mile 2: 7:08
mile 3: 7:16
mile 4: 6:59
mile 5: 7:11
mile 6: 7:00 (cruel split)
mile 7: 7:06
mile 8: 6:43 

So a mile warm up and some pretty even pacing. Avg pace: 7:07

Ah, which reminds me. New shirt by Nike Pro Combat. I got this yellow color at Raleigh Running Outfitters. Thanks Jim. This shirt rocks. I was able to ditch the jacket and run in this one layer in 36 degrees. Here's a full picture. I like my color better than below:

I have 25 miles on deck for sat/sun so I'm sure I'll have some good stories....later dudes.



  1. You know you don't have to just run in circles at shelley. you can get in 9 miles just going back and forth past crabtree to the end and numerous other spurs along the way to add several miles. but Umstead is still the better alternative when possible

  2. I was supposed to meet up with someone going the opposite direction. It never happened. Or else I would have changed it up a bit. Tomorrow is umstead. Yay for that!