Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Promise To The Taffies

I am running with TAF in the morning for a little extra mileage, to celebrate an ice free greenway and to have a nice run with Dan, Brian and the gang. Woohoo!

But sometimes things pop in my head and make me laugh. This is one of them. If you were ever a girl scout you may remember the GS promise. Here's my version:

On my honor, I will try:
    To run with the TAF'ies on their "easy" run,
     And not pretend it's my own Olympics,
     Not try to relive the first 400m of mag mile with Meghan,
     Or wreck my legs trying to outrun Brian Douglas.
I promise:
     I will not toe the line and gun a 6:30 pace,
     I will not attempt to prove my 91minute Half was bullshit,
     I will be nice and friendly and not try to "represent"

I will:
    Stay in the back,
     Jog accordingly,
     And be a gracious for the nice invite.




  1. Thanks for coming out, you are welcome to run with us anytime. You would also be most welcome addition to the squad anytime if you should choose to join us - come over to the dark side, it's true what they say, we DO have cookies!! ;-)

  2. Thanks Dan! That was fun. You guys are a strong bunch. I think you brought brownies to track a few years ago...that was awesome. Cookies aren't bad either!