Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bad Ass or Dumb Ass? Not sure...

Today I had 12 miles on deck. I met Dan and we attempted to head into Umstead. We got about 2 miles in by running on the shoulder and then airport greeted us like this:

But whatever, we kept going until the fountain. That little bump down was sheer ice but the shoulders were ice too. Bummer! So I gently squatted down and slid on my mittens, then shuffled off to the side. A dude wearing an Umstead 100 ear warmer said it was bad further on so we heeded his advice and turned around. Had he been carrying a large ipod in his hand I probably would have smiled and kept going.

So we ran out to Weston. I've never been that way. Pretty big hills but I was grateful for the traction so we carried on...although those were not my thoughts at the time!

Ended on the greenway for bit. Dropped Dan off at mile 10ish and got by blackberry and went back into umstead for 3 more. 

By then I knew where the major ice areas where and which shoulder was better to run on so I was able to crank out a 6:53 and 6:29 for miles 12 and 13. and ended here on the greenway:

So 13 miles in 1:36 and as my friend said, "what are ya trying to say? Your ice run is my  half PR?!" LOLOL..That cracked me up. But I did stop to slide on my bum and take a photo.


  1. I wouldn't use either of those adjectives to describe your ass. I could suggest a few complimentary alternatives, but I have to remember that you're a married woman - and I don't want to get slapped next time I see you!! haha LOL. ;-D
    Nice job on those faster paced miles after we parted ways. Thanks for letting me join you on your easy day for my tempo run!! By summer, I'll hopefully be back down to that pace.

  2. LOL! Excellent! Well, no more weather excuses Dan! You have a show to put on and plenty of time to train starting now!!

    See you in the morning friend!!

  3. We tried coming in from the "Art Museum" gate... it was a solid sheet of ice as far as we could see! It's insane out there... go go Gadget ice skates. I'm so so sick of winter already!