Sunday, January 16, 2011

Moral of the day: I really don't think it's possible to ask fasties to run slow

Prior to this morning I've done 27 miles in 3 days at about a 7:15 overall pace. So, I was looking forward to a leisurely trot around Shelly Lake and the greenway.

But it's never so easy. Especially when you get the local elite involved and those like me, who would chase down a leaf if it was rolling sub 7. See example below from the start of a 5k. I like to chase:

So naturally I guess the result isn't a huge surprise: 9 miles with half of them sub 7. Hey, it happens. It was actually a fun run. 

Thank you TAF! You guys are tough. I can't imagine your track workout, uh tomorrow.

Here's the garmin:

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