Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No really means haul ass

I prefer to run in the morning. I actually hate night runs. Mainly, because I am starving from 3pm until I go to bed yet can't run with food in my stomach. So the 2 don't work well.  

I missed my morning 6 mile run so I said I'd do it "later." Later came and I had a F this attitude. I put on my shoes and running clothes to get some guilt going. It always works for me.  I think it's impossible to take off clean running clothes. That would haunt me all night. So I did the motions. Garmin on, pony tail secure. Now the hard part is done.

It was going to be getting dark so I had to run in my teeny tiny hood. Please see garmin to demonstrate cul de sac hell.  In some weird way it was my punishment for skipping my scheduled morning run.

The first mile was sub 7. So, in my mind that means game on. I wanted to keep them all under 7. I did. woohoo! I hadn't planned on it but sometimes speed happens and you gotta go with it:

mile 1: 6:57
mile 2: 6:35
mile 3: 6:33
mile 4: 6:26
mile 5: 6:27
mile 6: 6:21

Overall pace: 6:33!!!


  1. AWESOME and INSANE all at the same time!

  2. Thanks Meghan!! I think that was my fastest non race 6 miler, uh ever...I was so excited PRE LIVES!! LMAO!!

  3. Nice job!!
    I just did my first speedwork of the year - and the first since late Oct (I think). Anyway, I did it on the treadmill and rocked it. I know I must have picked the right pace (it's hard to know what to go for when you're so far removed from being certain of your race pace) because #1: I got my heart rate up to the highest it's been in forever (and I didn't have a heart attack!!). #2: I wasn't going all out and felt good (although I knew I was pushing it towards the end of each repeat, trying to hang in there). #3: On my cool down I felt a little nauseated - always a sure sign you ran hard.
    Anyways, not quite up to your level, but a good effort nonetheless.
    1.5 mile w/u then 2x1200 @ 6:20 pace + 4x800 @ 6:15 pace, then a 1 mile cooldown, for a total of 6 miles. I need to get myself a garmin so I can run outside on nice days and not have to worry about finding and/or getting kicked off a track.

  4. a couple of more miles and you could have completely covered the neighborhood map in red garmin lines. Awesome pace

  5. Dan, that is some sick speed. Especially on the mill. Like I said you have a strong base even without the miles. It won't take much. We have to do a 1:26 half at some point.

    Joey, I can only imagine how crazy that looked. I lapped that place like 7 times. I just wanted it done!