Monday, January 17, 2011

Gotta feed the beast...and the twirpy little runner

I am a very active person. By 8am every morning I am either running or swimming my ass off. I normally don't eat until about 1 or 2pm. I can't eat before I workout and right after I'm not hungry but then instantly I go into a psycho starving mode. I need carbs on carbs with carbs cooking on the stove.  It's not pig out fun, it's more of a chore. I just want it over so I can go get my nails done. HA.

As much as it sucks to have to keep my calories up I am very grateful I don't have to diet. I did that once to lose 3 lbs strictly so I could get my track times faster. It was horrible. All the counting and measuring. Fuck that.

I am also religious about supplements. At any given moment you could cut me in half and see most of GNC in there.

Something is working because I'm not injured yet. I had 2 stress fracture 1.5 ago and was taking nothing at the time. So, I guess I'll just keep on keeping while it's working.

Ok, clearly I've had enough caffeine. I'm heading into a tangent 

Cheers, party on....


  1. Ok, seriously, if you know the chick eating the cake with her bare hands (and, in her underwear,I think I'm in love) you HAVE to introduce me to her. That's my kind of girl!! LOL
    Actually, if you know ANYBODY who even partially resembles her, I'll be in your debt forever.

  2. That is hot! It's Audrina Patridge. You need to have that long overdue housewarming party! The honey's will come!

  3. I'm surprised there isn't a long list of comments about posting a sign up list for people willing to cut you in half. Not that they care about seeing half of GNC in there, I just think there would be someone willing to do it for the speedy legs! Cat fight!!! lol

  4. And if the girl in the bikini pic has a friend that you could introduce me to after you introduce Dan to the other girl I'd greatly appreciate it also.

    I'm right there with you on the supplements. Well, kinda...I think you win that one. I've got a multi-vitamin that I take two of every day and I'm on whey protein that I'm mixing with either chocolate milk or soy milk to keep my protein intake up. It isn't to bulk up so much as it is to just help my body repair itself a little quicker. I can definitely tell the days I take it all (anyone makes any inappropriate comments on that one and I'll challenge you to a duel!!) and the days I skip out because the following day tends to be a little rough.

  5. haaaaa..we can dedicate that comment to Dave Myer. He said my blog is too dirty. haaaa

    I either have lots of followers or Dave keeps logging in. lol

    I hate protein shakes. the ultra dudes out there have been pushing S caps on me. Aminos and I do a recovery drink by Power Bar. Lots of milk too. In my latte though..