Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have to share this!!!

I hate to start off this blog with an I love me attitude but it just so happens that I received this race medal hanger in the mail today. I've always kept my race medals on a hanger in my closet. But I saw a few people post pics of how they display their medals and trophies. So I looked around and found a website that does custom steel laser cutting. Cool, eh?: 

I called and spoke with Mike and he had this on my door in about 10 days. I think it was $59 including UPS shipping. It is gorgeous! 


  1. I can't afford $500 to display my medals so I bought a curtain rod for $10 at Walmart. Pretty spiffy looking hanger you've got anyway

  2. I know. Not much room left. This is stuff from late 09 and 2010. I'll have to do something else down the road. it's so freakin cute though! I could do plain rows of rods under it...