Saturday, August 27, 2011

I think I have PR'd in boot wearing compliance!

Well, another week almost done. I think it's been 3 weeks total since my grade 4 tibia stress fracture. This week enter----> the BOOT

Yup, so much for the fancy custom cast I was promised. It never happened. So I alternate between the boot 90% of the time and when I can't take it anymore I switch to crutches. The crutches are hard because I have been swimming my ass off and my arms are too beat to support myself. Enter----->the one footed hop. UGH!

At first I embraced the boot. I fought the idea of being laid up with a broken leg.
Yes, not ideal. But I'm not losing the muscle tone that I've worked so hard for!
first hour with $325 boot. Still happy.
I took that shit shoppin'!
I took that shit to the pool...everyday...

even the neighbors pool...
And of course the bike..

a horse farm on my bike route

So this week looked like this:

MONDAY: 60 minutes of aqua jogger and a 22 mile bike
TUESDAY: freestyle swim 60 minutes
WEDNESDAY: 15 min preswim, 60 min. aqua jogger and 22 miles on the bike
THURSDAY: freestyle swim 60 minutes
FRIDAY: 15 min preswim, 60 min aqua jogger, 20 miles on the bike
Saturday: freestyle swim 60 minutes
SUNDAY: long bike scheduled.

TOTALS: 62 BIKE, 3.5 HOURS OF FREESTYLE SWIM, 3 HOURS OF AQUA JOGGER. About 11 hours of working out.

That's a little more time than I'd spend in a week of running. But feels about the same effort wise.

So next week I have a bone density scan, my first PT appt and all the shit above. But there are PERKS to the boot!:

I get free shit everywhere I go. Total pity swag. A comped dessert here, a free bag there....."oh just have this..." is what I hear often. Then there is the BOOT POSSE. Other boots wearers will chase me down and we'll share boot stories. One dude lifted his leg from a mall kiosk waving his busted up ankle. Boot wearers unite! Not to be confused with this CRAP:

*Hi, I'm an AD. I see the boot a lot. Can I try and guess your sport and injury? Actually, this dude was right on.
*Hi, I sprained my ankle once...(shoot me)
*Can I get that for you? --I don't like help from strangers. Too creepy

So, hi-ho. It could be worse. I can do this. In fact the idea of wearing a boot on both legs crossed my mind. Could I theoretically run then??! Hmmm....

Adios friends! Run one hard mother, fast ass mile for me. I'll tread water for you ; )



  1. Always entertaining! You are doing great with your boot!

  2. my Mom is in a boot, she fell in the river and broken her foot.

    I feel your pain, was once off running for 9 months (without a baby) for a stress fracture of the knee... But look I can run again, so it will pass and you will get back.

    For you I'll train hard this week.

  3. Wow, clearly, you came back after the knee fx! This is my third tib/fib stx. Granted, it's the worst hence the boot. But I'm excited to get this healing over with and enjoy our winter here!