Saturday, August 6, 2011

On your Left. On your right. Everywhere! More mileage!

Another week down! Yeehaw! I am just trying to stagnate (as fast as possible) until the heat subsides. This week was good.

Monday: totally off. no swim. I regret it now but I was too tired after a weekend at the beach. And 26 miles.

Tuesday: 10 miles at 7 pace descending to 6:28 pace. See above. Day off. lol.

Wednesday: Track: 5x1000 600 jog recovery. 3:36, :38, : 38, :38, :36. Auto pilot. That's what came out. Wasn't really into it.

Thursday: 14 miles @ 7:30 pace. That was tough. VERY hot and legs tired.

Friday: 8 at 7:08 pace. Last 4 miles sub 7. Ending on a 6:28 mile.

Saturday: 5 miles. Supposed to be 8 pace. But it was thunder and lightening so I ran it down into the 6's again.

Sunday: 20 miler on deck. 8:15ish pace is the plan. I have friends this time so it WILL happen. YAYYY! However...

     I feel an ode coming on:
          Please see my first ode to the Taffies. I still love this one:

         On my honor, I will try:
    To run with the TAF'ies on their "easy" run,
     And not pretend it's my own Olympics,
     Not try to relive the first 400m of mag mile with Meghan,
     Or wreck my legs trying to outrun Brian Douglas.
I promise:
     I will not toe the line and gun a 6:30 pace,
     I will not attempt to prove my 91minute Half was bullshit,
     I will be nice and friendly and not try to "represent"

I will:
    Stay in the back,
     Jog accordingly,
     And be a gracious for the nice invite.

I wrote that like a year ago and it still applies all the time. Imma tryin'! 

Happy Running friends!


  1. With a session like that 5 x 1000m it is time you ran a couple of races and smashed those PR's of yours...

  2. awe's tempting. I'm almost done marathon training. A few more weeks until taper. Then back to Half's. Unless I like my first marathon..we'll see!

  3. What marathon are you running?

  4. The first quarter was AWESOME (hahaha)... what were we doing?!? I just remember looking at my watch and thinking, good right on pace... wait, no, that's 10sec under.. crap!