Monday, August 22, 2011

Being injured is a lot of work!

Hello and welcome to Laura's OCD fitness train! Gone are the days of sweat soaked mid week 12 milers. Instead, welcome to the land of the brick: swim/bike. I'm sure the cyclists and swimmers out there are saying, "you're not going hard enough." I will work on that, but for now I feel that to get a good workout I need to do extra. Running is harder. I'm gonna say it loud and proud!

Also, I love the water and the bike simply because I'm not limping or on crutches. I feel like a regular person. As soon as I pull out of the pool or unclick my shoes from the bike reality hits that I still am a busted up mess. I can't even unclick my broken leg out of the peddle. I have to bend over and use my hands. Ugh.

My schedule has looked like this lately:

Friday: 1 hour aqua class followed by 1 hour of free style swim. This = 1 COLD Frey.
Saturday: 35 miles on the bike.
Sunday: 1 hour of freestyle swim
Monday: 1 hour of aqua jogger and 22 miles on the bike.

The aqua class I take is awesome. Basically, it's aqua running and arms at the same time. Lots of sprints etc. I can feel "a little" pressure on my Stress Fx so I'm not going to bust too much ass too soon as far going solo with the aqua jogger and strictly running. Maybe in a week or 10 days.

Here are some pics:
Yay Mom!! Thanks for coming out!

ahhhh yeah...a sneak peak at my new MIAMI bikini!! The official FAN photo is still in the works. ie my tan lines suck!

Well, my Ortho just called and said my BRACE is in...aweeee shit. Brace?

Later Taters!


  1. You can potentially solve a great mystery for me... what are those gloves used for?!? I tried to hard to figure it out one day... I was guessing added resistance and not "aqua weight training gloves".

  2. ah ha! I can help, kinda. When I showed up at the pool they gave me a belt and those glove/mittens. No real explanation. But having used them they are great for sculling water. If I didn't wear them I'd probably have a hard time staying upright and balanced. They are great for resistance exercises too. When I actually jog I make a fist so I don't have drag and can pump my arms. I had never seen them before.

  3. Thank you! I'm sure I'll see you at the pool or cycling soon!