Friday, August 19, 2011

Is this a bad joke?

I'm not trying to milk any more pity out of you guys, I swear! This is just getting ridiculous.

I finally had my appointment with my Ortho. He says I have a grade 4 tibial stress fracture (the worst). I am on crutches and a special compression type of aircast was ordered and should arrive Tuesday. I have to wear the cast for a month 24/7 unless I'm swimming or in the shower. 

He said he couldn't give me a time frame of healing because it may never heal. It may require a metal rod in my shin. Is this a bad dream??? Am I being punked here? 

In the mean time I am getting a bone density test and doing PT to make sure my legs and hips are not causing this.

It is very important that I don't walk through ANY pain. When I looked at the MRI with him it looks like my leg is shattered. He said if I would have pushed it one more run with pain it would have broken completely.
The leg on the far left (my right leg) shows the fx. The white part is the fx and the surrounding swelling in the bone.

  This picture doesn't show it as well as in the drs office. Seeing the fracture line is freaky. I'm happy I have 2 legs at the moment.  But CRUTCHES??? CAST??? I don't have any tears left but I seriously wanted to puke upon hearing this. I went from:

1. being upset I was missing my marathon
2. being upset I had to reduce my training
3. VERY upset I couldn't run
4. Mad I had a stress fracture
5. Now afraid my damn leg is gonna break off and/or I'll never heal and need a fucking rod...

As crazy as it is I'll be in the pool by 7am tomorrow. I am not going down. I am obsessed with getting this healed. But still wow....

Run one for me friends!! Down but never out!


  1. Let it heal! you don't need a rod! :) Get a second or third opinion .... :) Good Luck!

  2. Girl, I am so sorry to hear this! It looks painful and it's daunting to be in the doctor's office studying the x-ray of what looks like a foreign object and is actually your body. I wish you a very quick recovery. You will come back healthy and stronger than ever. xoxo