Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MRI time!

Happy Wednesday my Friends,
Nothing like some Backspin on Sirius Radio drowned out by insane clacking!

I haven't been running in THREE WHOLE DAYS: DUH, DUH, Daaaaa. Sorry, I'm a little loopy from the MRI machine banging over my leg for an hour! My Ortho ordered an mri and my insurance paid for it so I gladly hopped in. I hope to have the results later tomorrow.

I've had other mri's for other stress fx's and I knew I was broken. But this go round I am not sure. My legs are absolutely fried from my obsessive 2 miles a day swimming habit. I look injured. My walk is very tentative. But I also feel productive. Like I did something. However, tomorrow I'm skipping the pool to sort of taper off it in anticipation of the green light to run.

I just have to throw a bit of swimming advice in here. If you guys ever want to kill your arms and shoulders to the point of being numb. Try these Speedo hand paddles.

I swear a few days of using them for maybe 15 minutes at a time is giving me the Linda Hamilton a la terminator look. And don't scroll down and look at my other wimpy picture! lol..

So, swimming is fun. It's a great workout but I am absolutely dying to run. I still have my sports bras hanging off every door knob hang drying. I can't put them away. They will hang until I put them on again. Hopefully, tomorrow!! I plan on camping out at my doctor's office until he receives the radiologist's report. If it is positive I suppose I'll swim some sick 5000 meter-until my rotator cuffs fall off-type of swim.

Well, fingers crossed!


  1. Hey Laura,

    You are seriously fast! I hope you don't have stress fractures. That would totally suck.

    It does sound like your body is in need of rest or in this case a good long marathon taper. Perhaps you can continue to swim with some reduced running during the taper.

    Good luck. I'll check in to see how things are going. If you get a chance, stop by my blog and say hello.


  2. I would call you a swimming god with all that swimming, I swim like a brick...

    Now I bet if you put those glasses on you would look just as ripped...

  3. Thanks! Great Blog too Ken. Coach Dion, you always know what to say! Thank you!