Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thin, White & Female

The BOOT is history! 3 weeks of lugging that piece of crap around and it's finally over. I wore it every moment I wasn't biking or swimming. Crutches at night. Good, but now I need to learn how to FREAKIN' WALK again. Seriously, I am so jacked up from the boot that I can't walk right. It's horrible. I was shaving my legs and noticed that my calf on the boot leg is non existent compared to my other leg. All my muscles have been trapped in the boot and now have to move. It's weird.

So now operation WALK is in effect until next week. Then I'll get x-rays and review my bone scan and HOPEFULLY get a jogging schedule. But honestly I am in no rush. I am so grateful to feel the floor with both feet. Even wiggling my toes is badass. I'll relish in this walking thing for a bit.

Also, now is the time I should start getting phantom pain. You know, pain near the fracture that *could* be the fracture but isn't. The whole mind game part of recovery sucks. That's why I like x-rays. Clear and objective proof that I am healing.

I've repeatedly asked my doctors, therapists etc WHY did I get this Sfx.? There are many possible reasons but I keep hearing, "look, you're a thin white female. It happens."  It would be easier to blame my shoes. Oh well.

So this week when I wasn't in the boot I was doing about a half ironman everyday. (ha-ha, sort of) 60-90 mins of pool (swimming and aqua jogger) and then 35-50 miles on the bike. No days off.

I almost feel like I should jump on a Half Ironman. My training is their race distance...almost. But I'm not in race mode. Just a thought. However, I need to win something. I want a friggen race T-shirt! Ugh....

Here are some pictures of my last week or so:


New TYR suit. Happiness bought!
Post pool..
So happy training this week friends. If your legs work go run something! If you are still "sore" you can borrow my boot ; )

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