Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here we go again.

Well, in true Honey Badger style I was clearly oblivious to my broken leg. Dragging it around and referring to the pain as swim related.

I have a Grade 3 Tibial Stress Fracture. A microfracture. This is per the radiologist who reviewed my MRI. I haven't talked to my Orthro yet so I'm not sure what he wants me to do. Of course no running. I'm praying I don't get put in a boot. Well, it's not a complete break. That's about the only good news. I have no idea how in one run I go from fine to almost breaking my leg in half....shit.....

+/-11 weeks off from Running.....

So of course I'm a googling fool until I see my Ortho. I tried to see what grade 3 is all about. This is what's out there:

- progression of stress fractures:
           - stage I - crack initiation: areas of stress concentration
           - stage II - crack propagation: no repair or more damage than repair
           - stage III - final fracture: cracks coalesce, enlarge, ultimate failure 

Well, I'll just wait and see. I've got plenty of time for that in my schedule. Looks like I will be in the pool a lot.  I plan of getting some pedals for my sister's extra tri bike. I'm not going out just like that! I'm taking today off to mope but tomorrow I have work to do...



  1. Girl...I am SO sorry to hear this! Best wishes on a quick recovery!

  2. that sucks! I'm sure you will find something to make up for the running. Swimming of course. Maybe you can do Russian Kettlebell, as long as you can still stand on your leg. You'll have the most cut upper body of any runner out there! A set back like this only forces us to look else where and broaden our fitness horizons. I started getting into adventure racing when I had to put the breaks on long distance running for a while due to injury. YOu'll just be kick ass in other ways! I have faith in you ;-)

  3. That really sucks! That's the one injury I always worry about but have somehow managed to avoid so far. I hope you have a quick and active recovery.