Thursday, August 11, 2011


I feel a blog post soaked in profanity and f bombs coming up.  I *may* have a stress fracture in my tibia. I'm in that in between stage where it's too early for an x-ray and not quite MRI territory. Bottom line is I can't run at all. I am limping.

I am 3 weeks out from the marathon I trained for all summer. 5 am wake ups and 95+ degree temps. I have busted my ass with exact precision. I did every run I was supposed to. I even wore heavy trainers to protect myself. I didn't ramp up my mileage too quickly or make any mistakes that would put me in jeopardy for an injury. I even fucking stretched before and after! It makes no sense.

I have had 2 other (tib/fib) stress fractures over the years from running. Those I deserved. I made every newbie mistake there was to get a stress fx. So now, when I feel a twinge of anything I get it checked out right away.

Initially, I went to a runner friendly, highly recommended Chiropractor. She does not feel it is a fracture but said I have a lot of scar tissue in the area and did ultrasound therapy. OK, 2 points for team Laura. Then, I saw my Ortho. I wanted  him to agree that it was soft tissue so I could feel better. He seems to think it is most likely a stress fx but said it's not acting quite like a fx so give it a few days and call on Monday.

So I did what any obsessive runner would do:

-went to the pool for 100x25 meters of nonstop freestyle swim. Very bad ass for me.
-started planning how to keep my fitness if this is a fx.

Maybe it's soft tissue and I'll be fine tomorrow. Who knows. I couldn't walk on Monday and it has slowly felt better when walking but still hurts to run.

It especially sucks *extra* ass because tonight I planned on bringing my 7 y/o daughter who loves to run to a social run in Umstead Park for a slow 5k. I wrote this on her napkin in her lunch box to which she had clutched when I picked her up from school:

UGH. She bounced in the car saying Umstead tonight! I pursed my lips and tried to not cry for the billionth time. She said, what's wrong? I said, I think I broke my leg. She said, ughhh, no Umstead huh? It made me laugh.

So, I think I'm almost done feeling sorry for myself. I plan on swimming daily and probably picking up a spin class. I've worked too hard to see my muscles atrophy to shit. My fingers are crossed for the next few days though. Hoping it's soft tissue and feels better!!! Please!!! Until then I will relish in my vague diagnosis and keep my head in the sand.



  1. This does suck! And only 3 weeks out from your target. Damn!

    But you don't KNOW anything yet for sure . . . except that it hurts! There is still hope! And I'm hopeful for you!

    Don't do anything stupid between now and when you get the facts! With only three weeks to go:
    1) you can't HELP you marathon results by more training,
    2) you would be tapering anyway

    I'm thinking positive thoughts for you!

  2. Hang in there girl!! Positive thoughts going your way :o)
    You have worked hard but dont let this get you are strong and such a positive person! You will get better. Take a few days off from anything and see how u feel then.
    Love u girl!!

  3. Take 3 weeks off and run (but you didn't hear that from me) that's what I would do, OK I did that 15 years ago.

    I hope it's not that bad and some magic happens and you are back on the road before long.

    HUG that's for you...

  4. fingers crossed that it's not a fracture. Everyone has already told you that taking it easy between now and then isn't going to affect your race and that is true so be very gentile with yourself between now and then. Sorry you and Bella couldn't make it out last night it was great weather for it.s

  5. Hang in there! Been there when the doc thought it was a stress fracture and it was soft tissue! Keep your fingers crossed, keep on cross training and cuss to make yourself feel better.

  6. That sucks Laura! Hoping its not a fracture. You are strong, you can make it through this.

  7. eeeek! i'm glad my post helped you some.:) it's the pre-marathon nerves that can really mess us up. especially when you put in all that training. hang tough sister. you got this!

  8. I hope you don't have a stress fracture and that it magically stops hurting! Swimming = totally impressive upper body strength = even more intimidating looking marathon runner :-)