Thursday, September 25, 2014

Let's SQUAT!!

Hey Guys!!

I haven't lost my mind yet. In fact, I think I will have escaped this injury with a sound mind and some kick ass motivation. I'm feeling better by the day. Today has probably been my best day. I feel like I'm almost back to myself. Very minimal discomfort, if any in my *broken leg*. I love saying that now. Because I know it was broken. A valid diagnosis. A legitimate reason for my pain. Finally! I digress….

So, I'm all pumped because I going to squat! Like stick with it!. I've been doing single leg glute bridges for almost a month. I added in single leg squats a few weeks ago. I feel stronger. I feel like I could bust out 6:30 pace for a while. It's encouraging.

So the bought the book from the Glute Guy Bret Contreras.

I feel I have over stayed my welcome doing single leg glute bridges without weights. I am stacking 15 pounds on my hips but I need to move on…TO THE HIP THRUST with barbell!

My foot is slipping in these photos. It's killing me. err

My goal is to build a stronger tush so I can run faster and kick more ass. Bret has a 12 week program in that book. I linked it to Amazon. If anyone wants to do it with me that would be fun. Feel free to send me your before photos and I'll post them here anonymously. Just for motivation.  I love seeing asses get firmer! I hope that's not too pervy. lol

Here's my squat. I hate squatting but it seals the deal.

If anyone has any comments on how squatting and glute work has improved your running I would love to hear. I usually get into this when I'm broken and then never keep it up when I return to running. I will not make that mistake this time.

Happy Squatting and Thrusting! I'm serious on the before photos. Or if you have before and afters.




  1. Proud of the hard work you do! Wish I could work that hard... It's easy to run every day, but I'm not very good with my rehab. I sometimes do a couple of squats at the printer in the office...

  2. I keep wanting, and saying, that I am going to add in core workouts for my running, but (here is the excuse I guess) after getting up at 5 to get my run in and then work all day and kids activities at night, core workout always gets pushed aside for sleep! I have never really looked at squats (as a dude) as a way for me to get faster...