Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bad to the Bone.

This photo is to calm myself while I write this. 

Hey Guys!

I have good news and bad news. The bad is that I fully broke my fibula all the way through. Side to side.  Straight through the bone about midway up the side of my leg. Grade 4. The worst of the worst. It was not displaced. Meaning the top bone stayed stacked on the bottom piece. Or I would have been a little crankier! But let's move on to the GOOD!

The good part is that I am almost 5 weeks healed! My body is almost done laying down the new bone. To be on the safe side my Ortho recommended continuing my cross training for 1 more week. Sigh. I have some inflammation on my soleous which is why I thought I was tugging on scar tissue or a tear. But apparently all my muscles are in great shape.

A fibula fracture is considered low risk. They represent 4%-9% of all fractures in the legs. Don't quote me exactly. But a full break is even more remote. I guess I like to be different.

Also, my excessive cross training has had no ill effect on my healing. This break is a 4-5 weeker. So I have been okay'd to continue with my stair climbing and uphill walking on the treadmill.

He said I may feel sore next week but that's normal. The following week I won't even remember what happened. At least pain wise. This memory isn't going anywhere without therapy or significant booze.

So overall this was kind of a shocker. I had 3 professionals including my Ortho tell me it was soft tissue. I guess I have a higher pain tolerance than I thought. : ) Although I do remember a few sleepless nights initially. I'll spare you the details of how dramatic a night with a broken leg can be without pain meds. Not fun!

I am never bitching at mile 22 EVER AGAIN! Throw a hill in the bitch. I'll embrace it.

October 1st will be my start back date. Let the countdown begin!!!

Here are some other images:

This thing always changes your life one way or the other..

This is an MRI image. Not x-ray. It's my right leg looking at it head on.  There was a marker placed over the fx area. So the black dot is the fracture location but also new bone growth. We want lots of black. The blaring white is inflammation. So you can see why I thought I had
 soft tissue issues.

So just a little more Planet freaking Fitness and I'm done! If I never see purple and f'ing yellow again it will be too soon. Until Oct 1 I will be there maintaining every muscle fiber I can and then some.

Thanks again guys. Your support means so much. Your kind words are the things I think about while I'm climbing stairs at 6am or squatting till I feel like there should be blood. And of course always on the long run. 



  1. Holy crap! You are one tough Mama, girl! Healing = goodness and 10/1 is right around the corner. Keep doing your thing.

  2. yer doing great, kiddo! Congrats on the healing, but the fx is a drag. But 5 weeks of healing already in the bank! Yay!

    How did you do this in the first place?