Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Comeback Eve!!

Caught you looking at the same thing. It's a new thing, check out this I bring: A fully charged Garmin 620 ready to go tomorrow!

I'm not a Hooligan.
I'm just aiming to be good again.
I rock the splits, fifteen to twenty-six.
Clear all the madness, I'm not a gymnast.
Number one, I was born to run, at the gun.

Hey Guys! A little ode to Public Enemy tonight. Tonight is Comeback Eve! I have been cleared to haul ass tomorrow. Well, in the form of 30 minutes super easy. Possibly with breaks. But I'm happy! I've been a good little grasshopper.

I've done the cross training. I've cleaned up my already clean diet to the point of obsession. I've rested. I'm drinking fucking water like I like it.  I should be ok. I anticipate some crunchy ankle tomorrow because I haven't run in 5.5 weeks. But after that I think I will hopefully see that have maintained some fitness. 

Seriously, I am so grateful to walk without pain. To sleep through the night without my busted leg making me grimace. I'm so happy to have my health. It stings that my goal marathon, Twin Cities is this weekend. It sucks that they have emailed asking when to pick me up at the airport. My bib number actually exists. That all sucks!… But I can walk! Tomorrow I will run. And the next day too. And then I will funnel my anger at this injury into speed. I will win some races and have happy face again : )

Game on YO!

Oh and PS: no one took me up on the squat challenge. Not a soul. C'mon guys!!

Here are some pics of last week. Trying to keep the bod alive:

my gym wasn't open yet. parking lot squats!

it was all cool till people started parking. lol

easily 10 hours on this thing in the last couple weeks

Ya, enough said…

All day, every day.

shaky, yes. But my leg is still technically broken. 

So, cheers to a great fall. I'll keep you posted over the next few days. I'm so tired of this being an injury blog. I want some freaking happiness! Thank you all again for being such troopers and listening to me and hopefully I lit some fire under your ass  ; ) Let's go!!



  1. Good luck with the EASY run. You are an inspiration before, during, and now AFTER injury.

  2. As I am also fighting an injury I know what you have been going though... So get out there and enjoy the run.

    Squats... I have taken to doing 10-15 x 3 in the evening before bed... I pick up the pouf seat at the front door and use it as a weight! my arm shake before the legs!!!

    1. Squats are good! You'll feel stronger! If that's possible!