Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wow, this really hit home. Right on…

Hey Everyone!

I hit the wall again. You guys are right! I didn't realize what I was doing. I thought I was just standing there.  I didn't realize that I was doing it over and over and over again. Like an addiction.  I was in the dark, oblivious. But thanks to my trusty blog, you guys have once again forced me into the light. I am no longer in denial. I am forced to face the wicked truth.

I hear you. I get your messages. I see your texts. 1, 2..okay…but I can't ignore it anymore. I am humbly acknowledging my problem.

This hit home. So I quickly reviewed some of my photos…

I was just bringing Julian's lunch to school. I thought it was my bike cleats, but I was flexing.

My daughter was embarrassed to pose with me. So I threw in some quad.

I have to 1-up a piece of grass

And get both sides

I get it now. I flex the shit out of my legs for anything over 5 megapixels. Lighting is paramount.  I don't really say, ok flex now. I swear I don't grit my teeth. Or at least these are topics I may need to spend some time with. I may need to go into that dark place and talk about it.

I'm going to try to be more mindful from here on out. I promise I won't squat when showing you my latest Saucony. I won't ask you to look at the mud on my calves while standing on my tip toes and cropping that part out. 

I'm just keeping it real. That's all I can do. : )

Tomorrow is either a short jog or 55 miles on the bike. I'm dying to see how that shakes down. 




  1. ahh, not to worry - if I had impressive legs and abs, I'd be posting selfies, too! But self awareness is a great and good thing, I reckon, so if you think it's too much, I bet you know what to do about it.

    ps- if yer butt hurts AND you're doing 50's all the time, I might have a sense of correlation, if not (but probably) causation! ;)

    1. 55 today Tom. But not flat! Falls lake. I'm asking for it! I hope your long ride went well too!

    2. If I was in the shape yer in starting off, bike-wise, I'd be knocking out that kind of mileage, too - but heck, 10 months ago I was in the hospital, two admits back to back, two cardiac caths, three stents... shoot, I'm happy to be creeping along (though my best mile avg was 18mph.. it's coming along.

    3. that's amazing!! You totally rock!!

    4. coming from you, sweetpea, that means a lot. :)

  2. LAUGHING! You are a riot... If you've got it... you go girl!