Monday, September 15, 2014

Give it back already!

By Sophia, age 10 

It's Monday, again!

Guys, I am trying to remain calm and continue on with my ridiculous buffet of exercises. All in the hopes my "shit stays in place" and that I don't lose much fitness. However, this is day 23 sans run. So, it can get a little emotional here and there. I'm doing my best.

Last week I tried to keep it varied:

Monday: 45 mins of freestyle swim, core and glutes
Tuesday: Treadmill walking for 6 miles at 15% incline for 4000 feet and pm 5 miles outdoors walking
Wednesday: 30 mins of stairs, core and glutes
Thursday: 1hour of stairs and 20 miles on the bike, core and glutes
Friday: 35mins of stairs and 20 fast miles on the bike
Saturday: core only
Sunday: 4 mile walk to the gym. 1 hour of core. 4 mile walk back.

I cut back on the bike a little because I thought it was snagging my soleous. But nothing changed. I know I do a lot, but it's all within the range of acceptable behaviors for someone with a ripped-off, torn, fractured or what-eva-the-hell is wrong with me injury.

 I've been down this road before. If you have been reading this blog for a few years you know the one tell tale sign that means I'm almost out of the woods. Forget my posse of high skilled specialists, forget that my core that could ricochet a stray soccer ball from lane 1 at Martin track.  Forget that the costs of my x-rays and MRI's could bankroll a small country into 2nd world living.  None of this matters.

This is how I know I'm almost better. We'll call it the disappearing ball act:

I have started getting into flexible crap at the gym! Pure and simple. I wish I could link up all my other stunt like videos from previous injuries. But this is where the money's at. Just when I start to gain some flexibility, I am back on the run. So folks, we are almost there! I. Can't. Wait!

Thanks for your support!


  1. yer getting there! Patience is more than a virtue, it's a necessity.

  2. Almost there! Hang in there a little while longer and you'll be back to those sub-6 minute miles. Flexibility is free speed!