Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hey Guys!

I'm super excited to report that I've had 2 short runs in the past 2 days. I'd categorize them more as physical therapy than running because they SUCK. But this isn't my 1st rodeo. I know the drill. It will suck for a few more days and then go back to normal. (I need to write that on my hand.)

I'm pretty sure after 28 days of not running it's: Laura v. Scar Tissue. Scar tissue is tough but I think I am tougher. Every now and then I'll feel a little more flexion in my soleous. It's such a beautiful thing. But if I try to get in a deeper lunge position I feel the pull of that shitty tissue. But little by little it's coming back to me. Concede you crappy shit! You will not win!

Good news though! I don't feel out of shape on the run. I feel like I want to bolt. Like I could but I have this decreased ROM holding me back. Last time I came back from injury I felt worse. This is helping me mentally so I don't stab myself in the eye. It feels like I have a *tug* attached to me. I want to go already but that thing is holding me back:
Let me go!

Rewind to a few days ago. I decided to take a jog around my kitchen island. Much to my surprise I felt great lapping the kitchen and living room…for half a mile. So clearly I put my Garmin on:

That set me up for a few half mile run/half mile walks in the soccer complex at dawn.

Figures 100's of Galloway runners show up and crash my *private run* lol.

Flex humor…: ) and still staring down Galloway peeps

The starting line for today, sigh

The soccer fields felt like crap. So I did what any rational endurance runner would do: double! I got on the treadmill at night and did 4 miles of run/walk. I felt better! Then, I went out today and did a 3 miler at 9 pace non-stop. It's pure torture. I'm trying to "be happy" that I ran but *uck that. This isn't running. It's not so much a pace issue but rather that I'm reminded of my bum leg every foot step. Thankfully it doesn't get worse and the pain fades away. But still! UGH! I'm trying to be patient.  I swear.

My Ortho told me last week that he's clueless as to what is wrong with me now. So we scheduled an MRI for tomorrow, Monday. I need to know what was or is wrong. Thankfully it's only $30 out of pocket with my insurance. I will surely start harassing the radiologist by lunchtime for results. Or I'll have my 8 year old hack their mainframe:

Thanks again for all your kind words and support. This too shall pass. Cheers to a good week coming up because as Cypress Hill will tell you:




  1. Good luck with the MRI! Progress, my dear! Goodness. :)

  2. Your patience will be rewarded.

    I still don't understand why patience is a virtue. Why can't "hurry the fuck up" be a virtue?