Tuesday, September 6, 2011

walk-a-palooza over?

ahhh man...it happened too soon. Since my last blog post an hour ago I got my fire back. I practiced walking around the house. I sashayed like Rupaul in '92 and strutted my shit around the kitchen island like I was Kate Moss modeling for Dolce. Aside from feeling like a shark bit my right calf off I feel okay.

Walk-a-palooza is gonna be tough...just sayin' I won't run yet I'm not a complete moron ready to blow 6 weeks of healing but I may have to hide the good ol Nike's and booty shorts. UGH!

I'm gunnin' for something. Greenway joggers be forewarned and I am on your #$$%^& LEFT VERY SOON ; )


  1. And you are hot like Kate Moss...

    Can only guess how you feel I've been off for 7 days going on 8, and i need to run... I can, but it won't be good. So I wait will try on the weekend. Hope your slow comeback starts soon.

    Good luck

  2. thanks coach dion. Happy Healing to both of us. Your leg is still freaking me out. Bizarre! but cheers to our comebacks!