Sunday, September 25, 2011

2 + 2 + 40...comeback is creepin..

I am not loving this 2 mile stuff. But I really think my legs need it. Right now I feel like superman in one leg and Erkel in the other. I can only go as far/fast as the Erkel leg feels like going. It is getting better. Aside from being pretty sore my strength is creeping back in.

Next week I will continue the daily runs and increase to 3 miles when I feel like it.

I did 2 miles on saturday and then watched the Miami Kansas game:
I made that necklace out of orange and green glass beads.That's dedication!

 When I'm not running, swimming or biking I am preparing for my next game outfit. Saturday the venue was: my living room watching ESPNU. So the obvious choice was a jean skirt with a Miami jersey top and a beaded necklace. Hair totally flat ironed. HA! Muy importante!

 Sunday I ran another 2 miler. Still right around 8 pace. I *want* to go faster but I'm trying to view these as strength workouts and stay away from sub 8. For now my loves, for now.

After that I got on the bike for 40 miles in the rain. I started in a group ride but broke off because I'm chicken shit of going fast, in rain, in a pack of experienced cyclists. No thank you!!

So that wraps up 10 miles of running for the week. 65 miles on the bike and 3+ hours in the pool. I am stepping back on the other sports to give my legs a chance to adapt to the running again.

Have a great week friends!

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