Thursday, September 15, 2011

I heal as fast as I run!

I have the boot to thank for a 6 week recovery on a grade 4 tibia stress fracture. I had my follow up appt with my Ortho today:

Door opens:

Me: I swear, I wore the boot. Check my blog. How are my x-rays???
Ortho: You are laying out some serious bone. 
Me: (uhhh that sounds odd) ok, that's good right?
Ortho: YES, this is way better than expected. There is new bone growth all over the fracture. Your bone scan results are normal as well.
Me: YES!! I schlepped that boot everywhere. I am stoked. I am the most compliant patient ever. What's next? Can I run?

I can run next week!! Yeehawww! He wants another week of walking and then gave me an "advanced" return to running schedule. Basically, don't run too hard, too fast and build up slowly. I expected that. 

I'm still weaker in my right leg from wearing the boot for 3 weeks so I don't mind waiting a few more days. Every step makes my leg stronger.

I can only run in the dirt or grass as well. No pavement. Yes, yes...

He said we are definitely winning this one. It could be so much worse. I will take that to Umstead next week!

Party on peeps! Thanks for caring!



  2. I'll bring you guys up to airport and turn back...haaaa better than nothing! yeah!!!

  3. SO AWESOME! Good job in the boot & overall recovery.

  4. you are one bone growing lady. very happy to hear the good report.

  5. Isn't your quad stronger after carrying that boot around for 6 weeks...

    Nice to hear you are back on the road again, no wait, make that back on the grass/trail. Always a nice way to start.

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