Friday, September 23, 2011

A fallen log in the forest. What would you do? Clearly, the only option is to dance on it!

Day 3 of my return to running program:

I walked 2 miles of a mulchy trail around Lake Johnson. My calves are still horribly aching. The good thing is the pain is bilateral. Bilateral pain is welcomed by most runners. I still feel like I just ran a hard 20 miler. I figure it's because I haven't run in 7 weeks and didn't use one of my legs for half of that. Fair game. I could have pushed thorough it but I felt the walking really stretched out my calves. I think that was more beneficial for me today.

My mom walked with me. It was a drizzly but warm speed walk around the lake. 
This log was screaming for the PeeWee Herman dance
Talent right there! ha

Lake Johnson

More power to the people who can run on this stuff. Not me!

Off to ice these poor legs. Peace.


  1. thanks B..Imma trying..being patient isn't so hard when my legs feel like absolute shit! haha..but getting less shitty is the the goal! I'm on my way!