Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nail gun to the calves

I'm so grateful I am able to laugh at this "situation" called rehab because otherwise I'd cry. Today I ran 2 miles at Fletcher Park (Thank you Meghan!) at a pace that put my garmin into auto pause. The reason being my legs are so sore from yesterday's run and p/t workout. It really felt like someone ripped the skin off my calves and shot the muscle with a nail gun and then poured alcohol. Or similar to after running a fast 20 miler.

My PT said I have to push through it. That in order to build strength in my bad (boot leg) calf I need to work it out. My Ortho said the same. He said I have to do it daily. So I ran in circles in a soaking wet field until it was done.

Then I went to the pool...

I wore my Miami colors today! Orange and Green! There is a reason I'm on the ground. That's all I had left. I coulda slept there! It will get better, no doubt!
post run. still ok..standing

moving onto knee poses

DONE! One tired []_[] fan!

until tomorrow!
Later Peeps! Go MIAMI!

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