Sunday, September 11, 2011


Happy Sunday Peeps,

Another beautiful week of cross training with a stress fracture. I feel I have kept my endurance for the last 6+ weeks off from running. Who knows what I'll actually run when the time comes but I don't think it'll be that awful.

This week's cross training was:

3 hours of aqua jogging class
3 hours of freestyle swim
202 miles on my road bike. broken down into 5 rides. shortest 17 miles and longest 60. avg 17-18mph.
2 hours of PT doing strength training, walking on the dreadmill and stretching.

So I thought this Nike shirt was fitting:

So this week I I have more PT and the day I have waited for since my tibia broke: the FOLLOW UP X-RAYS! Validation that I'm healing. (HEY DON'T STOP READING DAMN IT!) I don't have pain per se but my broken leg is very weak from being in the boot. My calf is slightly smaller and my gait isn't quite normal. That could be boot related or from these shoes:

This is my annual ode to my favorite ACC football team: THE MIAMI HURRICANES!
                                                  I'm not sure why I'm hitch hiking. LOL! But I love the CANES!  Here are some more:
no crew here. I carried my own pom poms!
I swear my leg is broken! Clearly, I'm favoring!
Well, I'm usually and hopefully on your left but for now I'll straddle the center line. HA.

Happy running friends! See you out there soon!

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  1. I would have stopped to pick you up and I didn't see any difference in calf size...
    good luck with the rehab