Monday, April 29, 2013

I have a marathon!

Hidy Ho Peeps! (I hope Mr. Hanky isn't the only one who says this. Hey, I don't get out much. lol)

So, I have it! My next marathon!!! Are you ready?!! Sub 2:55 is going down in:


Ya baby!! I was accepted into the American Development Program. This is so sweet! I am so stoked. The hardest thing for me in Boston was the pack running out of corral 5. So the American Development corral is PERFECT! It's seeded behind the elites but in front of the 40,000 others. YES please!

So basically I have a month to play around. I did 65 miles last week. It felt like 2. I went the gym 6 days post run. I'm going to hopefully pack on some muscle to help push me through summer training.

Having extra energy is freaking me out. I kinda like the mental fog marathon training provides. Otherwise shit like this happens:

lol on the strategic placement of the boston shirt.

But not enough energy for this:
these are my shorts

Another good thing about Chicago is that I have tons of friends doing it and several in my corral. So training should be fun. Team sub 2:55! I can't wait. I'll just jog not so patiently until June and then start training.

Hopefully I can buck up and do a 5k or 2 so I can stop "embarrassing" my coach with my 5k pr listed above. haha.

I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for reading!



  1. Maybe you need a box for your shorts...

    Chicago here we come...

  2. Your sports bra's are not in color order....SMH. :)

    Team 2:55??? Holy Wow! That's almost double my 26.2 time. lol

  3. I think bradleyd3's math is off.