Friday, April 12, 2013

Hair, Nails and Outfit: Boston Style!

Hey Guys!

It is quite possible that I may not sleep until Tuesday! I am so freaking excited to be toeing the line HEALTHY! My friends have been so supportive. I know that sounds cliche but it's true. The love keeps pouring in! My best friends will be there to cheer me on. My sister Bridget just said she'd make the haul down from NH and wouldn't miss it for the world. This means so much to me. My PT, GNC lady, even my dentist are pumped! I've poured my heart and soul (and sole lol) into my training and really feel good and ready to race. Not to mention all my friends running the marathon as well. It's overwhelming!

Boston is my second marathon so I'm still pumped with newbie excitement. That being said, let's get to the nitty gritty:

1. Boston Toe Art
2. Race Hair
3. The Outfit reveal

It's customary to do pre race toe art. Boston colors!

I am torn on race hair. I love a pony tail but if it gets sweaty it could get nappy. So I may add a short braid.

I'm going PLUM this race. Same outfit I always wear. I think it looks better with my white skin.

I still have to pack. I can't forget this SUPER THOUGHTFUL gift:
a custom race nutrition bag with all my favorites!

I'll check in on race eve. I hope everyone is rested and well if you're racing! If you're not and want to track me you can go to BAA.ORG or text "runner" to 345678. My bib is #4079 I'll take all the mojo I can get! Thanks again guys!


  1. Have fun and enjoy the reward for all of your hard work! Your going to do awesome!